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We are a full-line Baldwin, distributor, stocking over 3000 Baldwin
part numbers for applications such as automotive, heavy-duty,
construction, fleet, Industrial manufacturing, farm, forklift, marine, and
motorcycles.  The Baldwin Filters web site has comprehensive
information about each part number.  Click the link above to visit their

We also stock filter lines such as:

Donaldson                 Hycon                Pall                Federated
Zinga                         MotorCraft         Fleetguard
Purolator                   Hastings             Fram
Cim Tek                     Facet                 Velcon


As an Airguard distributor,  we carry a full line of HVAC filters --
pleated, poly throw-away, hog hair, aluminum mesh, galvanized, and
bag filters for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

We also have great sources for other filters, including swimming pools
and home water filtration systems.


We have a full line of lubricants and greases in:

Mystik                         Rotella                Delo
Lucas                         Mobil                   Warren
Quaker State              Pyroil                  Marvel
Lubrication Engineers


This line includes carb and choke cleaner, brake cleaner, starting
fluid, battery cleaner and protector, penetrating spray, and engine
cleaner and degreaser.


We have filter heads for oil, fuel, hydraulic, and coolant applications,
as well as a line of filter gauges for these heads.

Oil/air separators, blower filters, complete air filter housings, mounting
bands, elbows, restriction gauges, inlet hoods, pre-cleaners, Turbo II
pre-cleaners and replacement parts are just a sampling of the many
products available to you.

In addition, we offer a line of environmental pads, pillows and booms.

We specialize in hard-to-find items and would appreciate
the opportunity to help you locate any product that you
                                       are in need of.
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